Hi, I'm Dave Knispel

I love designing in the digital space. I believe it is the most amazing landscape on this planet and I get excited exploring what it is and dreaming of what it will become.

I'm an ex documentary film maker, designer and hospitally guru who spent his twenties running business and thinking up innovative, some times crazy, entrepreneurial ideas. Now I do UI and UX and this is my calling.

I have two kids and a beautiful wife whom I love hanging out with, I play a little tennis, ping-pong & dig AFL supercoach but otherwise I'm a UI/UX nerd reading blogs, sharing posts, going to meetups, listening to postcasts and generally just saturating my life with learning.

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I’m confident conceptualizing, strategizing & designing products. Including; sketching, wireframing, prototyping, reviewing & designing. My past experience working in teams, managing businesses and front end coding skills make me an excellent UI/UX communicator.

Design to Code

I’m an UI designer who is partial to front-end coding. HTML and CSS is like a second language to me. I like writing JavaScript and JQuery. I aspire to understand the tools available. This helps me be a fast and effective UI designer. My preference is to prototype in code, an output closer the final product.

UI Design

I’ve had 15 years in design including; print, digital, video, branding, marketing, animation and 3D. The past 3 years I’ve been dedicated to UI, I love it. I keep a close eye on trends and immerse myself in the industry. I believe UI should be intuitive, assessable, compelling, look amazing and have great UX.

UX Design

Learning UX is a passion. As an ex documentary maker and hospitality guru, I have always been compelled to have great personal empathy. I’ve spent many hours surveying and interviewing customers to best understand there needs. I continue to study the tools & techniques required for great user experience.